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About us

Our mission

Democratization of quality.
The brand allows women to build a closet based on, manufactured in Poland, clothes of good quality, but also available at a reasonable price

Our motto

Tova believes that quality should not be reserved only for the most expensive things - every woman deserves it. That's why Tova's mission is to share a substitute of luxury with its customers - a taste of life, a space for a new experience. It proves that every customer deserves to take care of herself.


When designing, we think not necessarily about how particular cuts will look on supermodels, but on flesh-and-blood women like our customers. The fact that we offer such a wide range of cuts - from classics to those in line with the latest trends - is precisely due to our concern that every woman should be able to find the perfect outfit for herself.


Tova clothes are made from carefully selected fabrics from France, Italy, as well as proven Polish weaving mills. The selection is supervised by the creative director - Katarzyna Janecka.

Creative director

Katarzyna Janecka combines creativity with pragmatism.

Although most Polish brands declare that they sew for active, dynamic, and busy women, there is a shortage of clothes of high quality, but at an affordable price.

Our story

TOVA was founded in 2012 in Poland, Końskie. The designer and founder of the brand is Katarzyna Janecka. Since the beginning of its existence, the brand has assumed that quality should not be reserved only for the most expensive things - every woman deserves it. That is why TOVA's mission is to share a pinch of luxury - the taste of life, space for new experiences. TOVA proves that every client deserves to be taken care of.

Co-financed by the European Union - European Regional Development Fund Operational Program Eastern Poland 2014-2020.